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VOdds Dashboard

In this video, we'll be covering how to navigate VOdds dashboard. From top to bottom, the dashboard consists of credit bar, menu bar, odds panel, order list, and working orders.

Credit bar

Let's start from Credit bar. It gives you an overview of the financial status of your account, including available credit, unrealised profit/loss of your opened positions, maximum potential loss for your closed positions, margin required for your opened positions, and your accumulated profit/loss.

You have the option to select which of these information to be displayed on Credit bar.

Menu bar

On menu bar, you can find toggle buttons like Order list and Working Orders. You can use these buttons to toggle the order and working order lists

Using the Watchlist dropdown, you can select which watchlists to display on Odds panel, edit or delete a watchlist, and create a new watchlist.

Odds panel

Next, we look at the Odds panel. Odds panel displays odds of Pre-game and In Running events across multiple markets.

There are several default watchlists already setup on Odds panel: LIVE, TODAY, next 3 days, and the rest. You can navigate across the lists to view the events of your interest.

You can sort the events by Time, League or Match by clicking on the corresponding column header.

You can also search for a particular event using the filter text box with league and/or team name of the event.

By default, for one event, only one line with smallest pivot value is shown. However, some events can have multiple odd lines, which is annotated by the    sign. Click on the line with    sign to expand to multiple lines.

Some events are available for positional order trading. If an event is available for positional order trading, a blue chart icon    will be displayed on the first line of the match.

Not all lines of an event are available for positional order trading. So, a black chart icon    will appears next to the pivot value to denote whether a particular line is available for positional order trading.

Order list

Finally, we can browse the Order list. Order list presents a list of unsettled orders that you have placed on VOdds.

You can choose to view Normal Orders or Positional Orders.

You can also use the filter to search for an order by its ID, league and team name.

That concludes our basic guide on how to navigate the VOdds dashboard. If you have any questions about this video or about VOdds in general, please email [email protected].