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Last updated on August 4th, 2022

Football is one of the most popular and exciting sports to bet on worldwide. What makes it more exciting? Nowadays, you can bet on any soccer match at the tip of your fingers, without going to bookmaker shops.


As you go further with this sport, you can discover the mystery behind its popularity. The main reason is that sports betting provides a unique excitement that keeps bettors returning for more.


More people are getting involved by watching football, but having an investment will add an element of surprise. When you bet on this sport, you develop a solid emotional attachment. As you watch the game, you become more excited whenever your prediction seems to be correct. 


Even if the rivals are not your favourite teams, you still want to watch every minute of the game since the results will significantly benefit you. For this reason, if you actively participate in this sports betting market, the outcome becomes a pleasure because of its earnings.


But is that the only advantage of football league betting? Of course not, as you notice, soccer games provide a more significant portion of all sports bets worldwide. It helps you to examine the best sports leagues to bet on online and profit in the long run.


You can try these betting activities by opening an account with us. Register now on our VOdds aggregator site, and you will discover more sports betting offerings with many welcome bonuses. You can also choose from our trusted Asian bookmakers, which provide quality betting services. 


If you’re searching for a guide on the best football leagues, there are essential points that you may learn from this article listed below. So, review those recommendations and use them in future betting through VOdds.


What are the best football leagues to bet on online betting games?


1.English Premier League (EPL) is the best national league in football that combines history and tradition with the best level of top players. It is a worldwide tournament,  with the participation of the best teams and players from England. 


It is simple to learn how to bet on the EPL. You need thorough research on the backgrounds of its team matches. Learn everything about the game, teams, and players before you execute your trades.


Moreover, before you bet on a Premier League match, do your homework and make accurate estimates and analyses to formulate the right choices. Because of its simplicity, many football bettors are getting profitable, so its popularity in sports betting has increased worldwide. 



2. La Liga is the top-performing tournament in Spanish football in certain regions, and it is recognized for being the home of two of the world’s most powerful teams: Barcelona and Real Madrid, who have a political, cultural, historical, and identity rivalry.


On the other hand, La Liga has traditionally surpassed other top European leagues, resulting in some of the world’s greatest and rising ball players playing in Spain.


If you are a beginner in betting, don’t wager on everything. Concentrate on one or two teams to bet. La Liga has 20 teams, do your research, analysis, and predictions so that you can choose the best teams to bet on for higher chances of winnings.



3. Bundesliga, on the other hand, is Germany’s main professional football league and one of the most famous in Europe. Its season begins in early August and lasts until late May, with a six-week break. 


With an almost year-round schedule, the Bundesliga offers gamblers various betting possibilities. The league has 18 teams playing, and each club must obtain a license to participate in the draw.


Betting on the Bundesliga may be rewarding if you understand how this football league operates and study the different teams’ performance in the past matches.   


The match outcome is the most common type of betting online on Bundesliga. With this bet, you can choose whether the game will conclude in a Home Win, a Draw, or an Away Win after 90 minutes, including extended time.


Through these, Bundesliga maintains its popularity while ensuring that the people’s interests remain at the forefront of league operations. 



4. Serie A was considered one of the top European football leagues and the primary rival to La Liga in recruiting the best players. Due to its long history in football league participation, Italian Serie A has several well-known partners, like the English Premier League.


Betting on Serie A league is simple. You must speculate and select which team has the best chance of winning the match. Most online bookmakers, such as VOdds, provide three betting options to bet on: home team to win, draw, or away team to win.


Serie A offers diverse betting markets and matches with Italy’s greatest clubs and players. 


Before placing your wager, you must search for the available odds. Serie A odds are commonly displayed in fractions and decimals, and they educate you about the favourites, the possibility of a result happening, and your possible profit. 


Also, take advantage of all Serie A sports betting tips and guides that bookmakers provide to calculate your bets better.



5. Ligue 1 meanwhile, is a French football league established in 1932. It is one of the world’s most popular leagues, attracting many fans, bettors, players, and teams.


Before you bet on this league, you should conduct proper research. It is recommended that you also study the league and how it operates.


You also need a reliable bookmaker. You must select a trustworthy bookmaker to ensure the safety of your funds. Choose one that provides exceptional value in competitive odds, a diverse range of markets,  incentives and bonuses.  


You can simply accomplish this by using VOdds aggregator site, so you can check Ligue 1 odds from a variety of bookmakers all in one platform, giving you a higher chance to win your bets. 



Why is betting on major football leagues profitable?


  • Various Bookmakers to Choose From


Online football betting is profitable due to the availability of bookmakers in the online world.  Almost every bookmaker and broker out there has these popular leagues. And also,  various bookmakers have different offers, including risk-free bets. 


However, check the terms and conditions of these offers thoroughly to ensure that you qualify for bonuses, rewards, and cash-outs.



  • Convenient to Bet


The main reason people enjoy betting on football online is because it is convenient. Football betting online is simple to execute. 


All you have to do is to sign up, deposit, and begin betting on various sports matches. You can also bet at any time from any location, even on your mobile device.


Furthermore, betting on football online allows you to avoid pressure and interference from other bettors, which is especially beneficial if you are a beginner. 



  • The odds are less than 2.0.


Another reason why online football betting is profitable is that the odds are less than 2.0. Betting on odds less than 2.0 is a strategy in which your earnings are less than your wager. 


Before you apply this method, you need to understand the long-term return because it requires you to constantly win several times before you reach a break-even point and eventually profit.


Betting on football leagues may be profitable in a variety of ways. You can benefit if you have a firm understanding of the game. However, it is still essential that you handle your account correctly to ensure a profitable return.


We hope this information reveals why betting on football matches is the best approach to profit. Log in today to make the most of your betting experience with VOdds!


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